How do I use and maintain my Sheath?

They are robust and are designed to be use in rough agricultural situations. The paint will scratch and wear and you’re going to scuff up the sheath quite considerably if you’re using it right.
This does not mean you should show no care with your tools and equipment! Here are some pointers to look out for:

• Don’t leave the sheath baking in the extreme summer sun or in a hot car cooking away! This is common sense for all plastics here in Australia and these sheathes are no different. You can inadvertently release the grip the sheath has on the machete when they both cool down in the evening. We can readjust this here in the workshop for you but that’s not going to be helpful when you’re working deep in the bush somewhere. They are just fine on a hot sunny day hung on a belt and if they are stowed within a backpack, they generally stay very cool in there. After all these years using this same system, I’m yet come across one that has been damaged due to heat except for our extreme product testing! Use your better judgment with this one.

• Don’t just rip the machete out and slam it back in without a thought (safety issue!). They are pretty tough and can handle the abuse however, try and draw and drop the machete without running the sharp edge on the cutaway lips around the mouth of the sheath (when it’s stowed, the edge points towards the cutaway). It’s not a problem if you do, actually expect that you’re going to nick this part of the sheath. When you’re back in the workshop cleaning your equipment, its best to remove these nicks as they will eventually run, causing a stress riser crack. A small round file is all that is needed. Just rub it back to remove the nick.
• All our sheaths are open at bottom for drainage and ease of cleaning. We just use a long 600mm steel ruler with one layer of cloth and push that through to clean any debris. An air duster is also helpful. Clean all the oil out of the sheath and off the machete before use for safety reasons.
• Always inspect the sheath and all its components for cracking, damaged and cut parts. Check the machetes tip does not protrude out the bottom. Check for machete retention by first cleaning all the rust, sap and oil off the machete and inside the sheath. The two causes of a sheath losing its retention are abrasion from drawing and dropping a rusty blade (this takes a very long time) and warping from heat abuse.

• Don’t clean the sheath with solvents or abrasives unless that’s the look you’re going for. Just wipe it over with a damp cloth.

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