I just received my machete in the mail, can I just pull it out and use it?

I doubt you will find any product in this day and age that will not have a big label stating,
“Please read all documents before use, by opening this package you are agreeing with all terms and conditions”

These machetes are no different!

We have no control how your package was treated in the post and I have been cut several times over the years from knives breaking through their packaging in transit. This is one of the reasons we developed a very hard sheath, it’s much more cut resistant and we can post your machete stowed in the sheath.

So here are some steps to follow to help make sure your safe!

  • Inspect the packaging for any damage or protruding sharp edges.
  • If your looking at your address label the correct way up, the handle is to the left. This is a good place to start unwrapping. If you have control of the handle, you also have control of the edge.
  • Inspect the sheath (with machete stowed) for damage during transit! Special attention to Safety on this one. Is the edge protruding from the sheath anywhere? Check the tip as well. Work out which is the sharp edge side and which is the spine side. Do not invert the sheath and machete. The oil we put on the machete for rust prevention makes the retention system less effective! You don’t want a sharp machete sliding out of the sheath when you least expect it!
  • Carefully unwrap the plastic film (looks like gladwrap) that secures the handle to the sheath, don’t cut it. Discard this wrapping. Don’t invert the machete and sheath while doing this. Now inspect under the wrapping.
  • Never invert the sheath with the machete stowed. our sheaths are not designed to be used upside down.
  •  When removing any single edged knife from a sheath, never hold the sheath on the sharp edge side! Always hold the sheath on the safe side. This is the spine or blunt side. Keep your fingers well back from the sheath opening! Even though our sheaths are extremely cut resistant, it is never safe to assume an edge has not cut its way through! Its good practice to get into this habit. Softer sheaths are prone to this type of failure when abused. When stowing the machete, the same technique applies. It’s important to hold the sheath mid way down its length on the safe side as this keeps your fingers and wrist away from the opening and edge. Look at the sheath and tip, make sure the machete is within the opening before you guide it home all the way to the handle.
  • When you draw the machete, do it in a manner that the edge does not drag across the sheath. You will get little nicks here from time to time. Just remember to remove these when you are doing your maintenance. It will prevent stress riser cracks. A small round chainsaw file or fine sandpaper around a screwdriver all work. It will remove paint in this area, but it’s a tough agricultural tool and it would look out of place without some battle scars!
  • You will need to clean all the oil  (food grade INOX  mx3-fg) off the machete and in the sheath. We suggest you take a look at our FAQ on how we work on the blade. We don’t just wrap a cloth around it and rub! That’s dangerous. We lay it flat on a bench with the handle hanging over. One hand on the handle controlling the machete and the other hand works the cloth. We never push a cloth into the edge. We use a balled up cloth and always push in one direction so if our hand slips off, it is moving away from danger. We lift the cloth, reset and repeat until clean. Make sure the handle is free from oil. We use a thin steel ruler (600mm) and cloth to poke through the sheath to clean it. Just lay one layer of tee shirt material over the ruler and run this through. Don’t use your machete as a cleaning rod.
  • Once you have cleaned the oil from the machete and inside the sheath it is work ready. When you are done, stow the machete securely back in the sheath and put is somewhere out of harm’s way. Now is a good time to review all your training and safety procedures. We are not kidding on that one. Sharp machetes are great tools but are incredibly dangerous if not handled properly.

If in doubt, please contact us!

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