What can I stack to my sheath?

This is personal preference and it is going to differ wildly between everyone. Be creative and experiment. In the provided pictures, we stacked a full sized Ontario Ranger canvas sheath in one scenario as well as a some paracord, small knife and TinderTube in the other. Personally, I like some simple fire making equipment, sharpening gear for the machete, a space blanket and some paracord. Lately, I have also been packing a small hobo fishing reel as I often walk along a small river. There is a limit to what you can pack on this platform but common sense is your best guide….for example, I would recommend avoiding attaching a house brick to your sheath. We tested it, the sheath carried it, and it was not comfortable. You can always contact us if you have any questions.

Category: Shoulder Carry Sheath

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