Why does Maintenance effect safety?

Why does Maintenance effect safety?

Maintaining your tools is important for many reasons but the most critical factor is always safety!

A well maintained tool is safer. the top reasons involve: Inspection, Force and Fatigue.

A clean rust free machete is far easier to inspect for flaws than a dirty one! Check your handle for cracks and movement. Check the blade for stress cracks (I have come across many total failures but I have never seen one on a Tramontina!). Inspect the sheath for safe function including any signs of stress fractures and the function of the retention system.

If you machete is blunt, you will require more force and speed to make the cut which decreases your level of control at the detriment of safety.

If you are using more force due to a poorly maintained machete, you will find yourself fatigued much faster. Fatigue and any tool is a dangerous situation!

You would have heard of the saying ‘A sharp tool is a safe tool!’. This is true up to a point. You will have much more control over a sharp and well maintained tool as well as suffer less fatigue. When things go wrong with a very sharp tool, they can get very horrid, fast! Put your thinking caps on and always pay attention to what you are doing.

Remember if it’s your machete, Safety is always 100% your responsibility!


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