Why would I tailor a machete to suit my needs?

Tailor the Machete to Your Needs!

This is the fun bit! Saving a lot of money refining the machete to your needs is not the only benefit. If you can tailor the tool, you can maintain the tool. If you are capable of tuning the machete, you will likely use it and have learned some good sharpening skills in the process!
I have come across countless very expensive knives over the years that just don’t get used properly because they were so costly and the owner was uncomfortable working on them.

The second point we feel is worth a mention is that rarely we come across a factory craft knife that had a serviceable primary or secondary bevel. This simply means if the bevels are left too thick you can sharpen all you like but you’re not going to get the best out of the knife until you change the bevels. This is not often done as people are uncomfortable adjusting something on an expensive investment.
We follow all safety precautions when working with and maintaining any tool. It’s just common sense to do so! Protective gloves, eye/face protection, ear muffs, protective boots, carbon filter respirators, no loose fitting clothing and a thick leather apron are the norm in our workshop. We read and follow all manufactures safety documents.
Safety is your responsibility in your environment!

There are many different ways of doing this and even more modifications that you can think of. It’s up to you to work out what’s safe and appropriate. A lot of our ideas were generated from researching how other cultures us them.

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