I just received my machete in the mail, can I just pull it out and use it?

I doubt you will find any product in this day and age that will not have a big label stating, “Please read all documents before use, by opening this package you are agreeing with all terms and conditions” These machetes are no different! We have no control how your package was treated in the post […]

You mention many times over to do my own safety research. Do you have any suggestions?

Machetes are an ‘old world’ tool from a developed nations perspective. Since we have moved off the land to the city’s and the introduction of some great petrol driven agricultural tools, machetes were forgotten pretty quickly. It’s a shame as they are one of the most versatile tools out there! Things are changing. Recently they […]

Why would I tailor a machete to suit my needs?

Tailor the Machete to Your Needs! This is the fun bit! Saving a lot of money refining the machete to your needs is not the only benefit. If you can tailor the tool, you can maintain the tool. If you are capable of tuning the machete, you will likely use it and have learned some […]

Should I use a Machete with Gloves?

Gloves vs. Bare Hands? This is personal choice. Some argue gloves prevent you getting a comfortable grip on the machete and sweat builds up in them, others state they absorb the sweat which aids in grip. They do have some pretty fancy cut resistant work gloves now but again, you need to work out what […]

How does a Smooth vs. Textured handle effect Safety?

Smooth vs. Textured handle? This is personal preference. Some people argue a smooth handle decreases your grip causing a safety issue. Others state rough textured handles cause blistering and hot spots as well as absorb moisture leading to early handle failure. Generally, sandpaper fixes this either way. If it’s too smooth, rough it up. If […]

Why does Maintenance effect safety?

Why does Maintenance effect safety? Maintaining your tools is important for many reasons but the most critical factor is always safety! A well maintained tool is safer. the top reasons involve: Inspection, Force and Fatigue. A clean rust free machete is far easier to inspect for flaws than a dirty one! Check your handle for […]

Do you have any safety pointers to get me started?

Here are some tips to get you started. This is by no means a comprehensive list. It’s just a beginning point to get you thinking. You will need to further your own research. If you are very new to working with sharp agricultural tools, you may need a bit more guidance! We all were there […]

How Safe Are Machetes To Use?

Quite often I get asked questions like this. It’s a very wise one to ask! There is no straight forward answer to it other than they can be a very effective and useful tool, if you’re mindful and take a proactive role in safety. That’s a nice common sense answer that will be appropriate for […]