‘The greatest achievement any craftsman can accomplish is not what they make, it is how they inspire!’

We get a huge amount of satisfaction knowing that we have helped someone out there have a go at something new! Being able to put a good tool in someone’s hands and inspiring them to learn a new craft is really what we are all about. The skills you will learn with using and maintaining a machete will translate easily to many other tools and crafts. Machetes are just so adaptable to many tasks, they can be a great stepping off point for someone wanting to give it a go!

Here at North Arm Machete Co., we are many things. It actually takes a community to support, build and run an innovative workshop. We are lucky as we have such a great team of dedicated members!

We definitely are an Australian business, proudly hand built from the ground up!

Every aspect of what we do is not just focusing on form, function and quality; we wanted to keep the concept of handmade right here in Australia alive. We believe in and stand by supporting our local businesses as much as we can. In the long run, it just makes good sense! Every Sheath is hand made from scratch right here on the Mid North Coast, NSW.

We know we are going against the stream of cheaper products being manufactured overseas. We will always do our best in sourcing Australian made products and services! It is important to us!

On a side note, an area often overlooked is the suitability of a tool in our unique 'downunder' environment. We also understand the costs involved in buying quality tools.
Know that when we recommend a product, it is because we have actually used it extensively! We are not interested in becoming another bulk wholesaler-retailer shop. Equally we are really not interested in fancy and expensive tools that just don’t perform.

We work test everything! If we like it and it performs well for us, then there is a good chance you will like it too!

We appreciate your feedback on our products and services! Stories on how you have used our tools and what you have learn’t are always appreciated.

Please feel free to contact us here at North Arm Machete Co.

Thank you for supporting another Australian Family Business!