How to Decide Which Sheath Suits You?

Belt Hung Sheath Tramontina Bolo. North Arm Machete Co.




Backpack Sheath Tramontina Bolo. North Arm Machete Co.

So How do you choose between the two?

Both these two platforms have many great features. The simplest way to separate them is to describe what they excel at.


The Belt Hung Sheath

We needed a sheath that was going to hold an extremely sharp machete, readily available while we work on the farm. When you're constantly moving around fence lines and through scrub hauling tools for work, it's easy to get a little frustrated when your gear is working against you.  We wanted a sheath & machete system that was very quick, predictable and hassle free. We needed our hands free for work, not tied up managing tools. 

This is where the Belt Hung Sheath excels. It's our quick action single handed sheath. It allows you to draw and drop the machete on the fly and quickly get back to the task at hand. We also use these when bush walking off the track and set them up on a separate tool belt so we can quickly drop and attach the whole sheath system as needed.


The Backpack Sheath

This is our multipurpose sheath & machete system. It's primary function is to carry a very sharp machete within a backpack. Add some Shoulder Carry Straps and you have a hands free option when you are walking. Add some Ranger Bands and you now have a mounting platform for more gear. Their are so many ways you can mount and carry these sheaths, being able to customise what you haul is always an advantage.

All our sheaths are universally left and right handed. This means that when you add on some Shoulder Carry Straps, it's easy to set up the machete on the less dominant side of your body.

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