Why Develop a New Sheath System?


Why Develop a New Sheath System?


Quite simply, the general sheaths out there for machetes failed to perform the way we needed them to. Canvas and leather sheaths look good, their is no questioning that. The problem is they only do their most important job well, when you are using a blunt tool. Once you start using them with a properly sharpened machete, no matter what you do, the edge will eventually make its way through.  that's just not safe!

To be fair, we really like leather and canvas sheaths for small knives and tool covers. However,

sharp machetes are really effective at cutting canvas and leather. So why make a machete sheath out of them?

Sure, you can get tricky with sacrificial inserts, copper rivets, plastic liners etc, but there are other inherent problems. Both canvas and leather can absorb and trap moisture. They are both flexible. They can rot. They are both expensive and time consuming to manufacture.  They are not as robust as PVC.

 The next reason is Function. We rarely come across a sheath from a brand name knife company that was a well thought out, quality product.

We were finding the generic machete sheaths out there to be a hindrance while we worked. Some of the common issues included: Too many snaps and catches, too flimsy for a sharp tool, unable to quickly draw and stow a machete, inability to clean debris from the inside of the sheath and almost never offered in a left-handed variant. A much better approach to sheath making would be to spend time researching how the people actually working with the tools would need the sheath to function.

We needed a sheath that we could draw and drop a machete from, just like a butcher draws a knife or a carpenter pulls a hammer from a belt. It needed to be quick, predictable and reliable.

 The last reason we developed the new sheath system was waste. Call us Eco Friendly people if you like, but we take responsibility for our Environment seriously. We were frustrated with the amount of products out there that are designed to fail so you go out and buy another one. We wanted to make a quality product that lasts. Equally as frustrating is the amount of packaging found around products. We made our Sheaths tough enough and safe enough to send your sharp machete through the post. This means we use a lot less packaging getting our machetes to you.


Off topic, I suspect one of the reasons a lot of factories don't send their knives out properly sharpened is the fact that it's a challenge to do this safely. Quality control is another reason. Sharpening properly is a very time consuming, skilled task and it is difficult to achieve this in a production line.

We don't have that problem. We have only one person who does all our sharpening and he believes there are no compromises. It simply must be done right the first time!


So in the end, we could not find a sheath that met our needs. We decided to make one. We were so impressed with the results we thought you all might want one as well!