Sheath & Machete as an Integral System


A well designed and durable sheath is every bit as important as the knife or machete it holds!

There are a lot of features that make up a great sheath.

What we expect from a sheath:

• It must aid in protecting the machete and it's edge whilst in storage

• It must keep the user and bystander’s safer while in transit, or stowed on a belt or in a backpack

• The ease of function must be at the forefront in it's design. A great example of this is how a Butcher uses a knife belt pouch. It’s quick, safe, functional and predictable. A butcher can draw and stow a knife very quickly as needed

• Every sheath must be universal for LEFT and RIGHT handed users

After a huge amount of research and development, we designed three very simple, highly functional and durable sheaths to suit the Tramontina Bolo.

The Belt Hung Sheath

This is the sheath system we use. We nicknamed this the ‘quick draw and drop’. It hangs at just the right height on your trouser belt. You can also use these with a dedicated tool belt for convenience and flexibility. This is how we set these up for our own use and it still retains the single handed quick draw and drop function .

The sheath maintains a gentle grip on the machete due to the dimples molded in during the manufacturing process.

The D-ring allows the sheath to move slightly forward and back as well as move past most obstacles without yanking and twisting your belt.

Being fitted to you belt, you can quickly draw it straight up and out without the sheath creeping up.

The main design criteria for this sheath was for a quick draw and drop style action. There is just enough friction in tip to prevent them from jumping around in the sheath while on the move. By not including a 'Handle Retention Strap' that retains the machete in the sheath, we created a dedicated and quick fence line tool. If you are drawing and stowing the machete all day, a strap can become a frustration even though it increases the safety of the system.

We are aware that for some a retaining strap that helps secures the machete to the sheath is important. This add on increases the safety of this sheath system and suits infrequent uses. Please review our sheaths that have the Handle Retention Strap option fitted.

One note to consider is you can easily clip the Handle Retention Strap behind the sheath when not in use.

Backpack Sheath

This setup is perfect for stowing a sharp machete completely within a backpack. The reduced weight of the sheath and the ability to carry a machete safely to a campsite will suit many users. This sheath is identical to the Belt version above without the Belt loop and D ring.

As with the Belt sheaths, we are offering a version with a Handle Retention Strap as a safety option.

These are what we call our multipurpose sheaths. If you have a Handle Retention Strap, these sheaths can be mounted to the outside if your pack. If you add some Shoulder Carry Straps and Ranger Bands, you have converted these sheaths to a compact carry all system. Using a Handle Retention Strap when converting these sheaths to a shoulder carry system is advised. 



PVC postage slip

This is about as basic as you can get! It’s just a slip to protect everyone involved in getting a very sharp machete safely through the post. It doubles up as a safer way to clamp your machete in a vice to work on the handle.
Important! Clamping a machete in a vice can be very dangerous! Never leave one unattended!

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