Are You Ready To Custom Build Your New Machete & Sheath Package?

We made this process fun and easy.


Personalise Your Machete & Sheath Rig

 Just click on the machete pictures to the side and you will land on a shop page dedicated to that machete. Every sheath, sharpening, mod and upgrade found on that page will suit your machete and sheath package. Feel free to mix and match all the features until you have built the exact rig that suits you.

More instructions are found at the bottom of this page.

Do you need more information or help setting up a package as a gift?

Please feel free to contact us for a chat. We are good at helping people work out what they need and can piece together the order for you. You can find us here or via Facebook.

Just After A Machete?

These pictures on the left and right are for you. There are links to the Sheath Builder as well as our professional Sharpening Service in the shop items.

Machete only and sheath only orders are all good. We also have limited stock of the 18” Latins as well as their sheaths. Contact us and we can help you organise an order for them..

Building Up Your Own Package Is Easy

Pick a Machete

Our favourite is the Tramontina Bolo but the 12” Latin is a close second. The 18” latin is coming soon (we have stock for the early birds, just contact us to organise a rig).

Pick a Sharpening

This is highly recommended! We are darn good at putting the best possible edge on these machetes. Once we grind and sharpen your machete, It's going to be a dream to use while you work. The added bonus is that it will be breeze for you to resharpen the machete yourself.

Grab a Hard-Shell Sheath

From a Backpack sheath, a Quick Draw Belt hung sheath and even dedicated Shoulder Carry rigs, we have a sheath just for you.