The Bolo Machete

The Famous Tramontina 14" Bolo

If we had to pick only one tool, the Tramontina Bolo would be our choice. It's an all day machete for trail blazing, fence line work, camping, gardening, composting, and weeding.

We are not alone in our appreciation of this machete. There is a huge fan base worldwide for this tool. These Bolo machetes will perform the same tasks as a big bowie or a thick and heavy knife. They are much easier and faster to keep sharp and they are light enough to be used all day.

The Bolo is not too long that it gets in the way when it is stored in it's sheath hanging on a belt, nor is it too short that you need to bend over while cutting a track through Lantana. We class this Bolo as the best 'do it all' machete to suit Australia landscape.

It's distinctive head shape is where the Bolo's cutting force is multiplied. It punches well above its weight!

The Eucalyptus hardwood handle is triple riveted to a full length tang giving it extra strength and durability.

It’s a mistake to dismiss this machete a a cheap product because of the price. It’s a high quality product in the rough! They are sold this way in Brazil for a very good reason. Machetes are highly customisable. The people who rely on these machetes for a living spend a considerable amount of time fine tuning the edge, shaping the handle and making a sheath to suit how they use them.

If it was not a quality tool, we would not be using them!

I have spent a full day with this machete chopping a path through a dense forest of invasive weeds and Lantana. It still came home with a working edge.

Bolo's are hardwired for heavy chopping and slicing.

Tramontina's years of experience and quality, combined with our sharpening, gives you a machete that will perform.

The weight is just right for long hours of use. It is just as comfortable regardless of gender. Just ask my mum, it's her favourite gardening tool!


Bolo Specs:

  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Full length tang, 3 rivet hardwood handle
  • Dimensions: overall 500mm, blade to handle 370mm, widest point 70mm, thickness 2mm
  • Weight is 400g
  • Slight recurve blade near handle then the edge sweeps out and up.