Terms & Conditions

Here you will find all our terms and conditions. If there is an issue or you have questions, please contact us via this link.  We like to help!

Shipping Policy

We shop online as well so we know what it’s like, the waiting game for the package in the mail!

We do our best to ship to you as quickly as we can. We prepare everything in advance to make sure you get your order ASAP however, we hand make each sheath to order. We also sharpen every machete to order.

Our store policy is that our products need to leave our workshop within 2-14 days. Rarely this can take longer and we will keep you informed every step of the way.
More often than not it happens much faster than 14 days (normally 2-3 days). We need a buffer just in case and we don’t like to disappoint!

We do not ship our products until all payments have been cleared.

We will not ship a product without insurance and tracking unless a request is made to us in writing. We are not responsible for packages lost in the mail that were sent without insurance and a tracking number.

We ship our products discreetly wrapped in brown paper with no product branding visible.

If paying by PayPal, we will ship to the registered address provided by them.

Please check all address details carefully. Costs incurred by us due to a wrong address or returned items not picked up will be passed on to the purchaser.

We only ship within Australia.. Sorry everyone else.

Payment Policy

Payment is easy. Paypal, major Credit Cards and Bank deposits are standard and all transactions are in Australian currency. Sorry, no bitcoin.

If paying by bank transfer, please attach our invoice number so we know who sent us the funds and email us notification that the money has been wired across.


First things first!

If something goes wrong, make the tool safe by packing it away and stop using the product!


Next step is to contact us, we like to help! Click here for our contacts page.

Even if something is out of warranty, you have damaged something due to misuse or it was just an accident, we like the fact that you are using our products and will do our best to help keep it running properly for you. We carry spare parts and also offer a repair service on the products we make.

If you have lost your receipt, don't worry as we should be able to find your purchase in our accounting records.

Our warranty covers manufacturing faults on products we make. This warranty begins from the date of purchase and includes the following:

1 year, All parts and labour.

Options that are available in our warranty include: Repair, Replace or Refund.

In the unlikely event there is an issue, contact us so we can help find the right solution!

What our warranty does not cover:

• Abuse, misuse and simply worn out products. We reserve the right to judge this.

• Paint finishes. PVC is still classed as one of the most difficult plastics to paint. We have heavily researched and tested many paint systems and use the best available. If you are using the sheath properly, the paint is going to scratch and wear off. Enjoy the way it looks as it’s going to be unique to your sheath.

• A cut Handle Retention Strap. No straps are immune to being cut with this style of system. Tuck it out of the way before you draw and stow the tool. If it is damaged this needs to be fixed before you continue using the product.

• Stress riser cracks from not taking care when drawing or stowing a machete in the sheath. This is easily avoided by technique as well as easily prevented with sheath maintenance covered in our FAQ section.

• Sharpness. Any edged tool will need maintenance, care and re-sharpening with use!

• Damage due to Batoning. This is abuse on any knife other than a proper shingle froe.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Returns policy

If you purchased something from us and it’s not what you are after, of course you can return it!

Please contact us first! We need to know what’s gone wrong and may be able to resolve the issue quickly.

We offer a 30 day returns policy.

We are happy to refund, swap for something else or offer a lifetime store credit.

So far, we have only had one shipped back to us because they were uncomfortable using the machete so sharp! And that’s ok!

We do not charge a ‘restocking fee’ as we feel it’s a bit unfair however our returns policy is for unused items.

We will refund the purchase (minus shipping charges) quickly once the item is returned.

The only reason we request the item to be returned packed the same way we posted it, is for safety reasons. We will not refuse a refund on these grounds, we just need you to make the product safe for everyone involved with the postal system. 

The purchaser is responsible for:
• The item until we receive it from the post office
• All shipping costs incurred during the sale and return of the item.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us!

We dislike spam mail as much as you probably do so we will never disclose your private details to anyone.

Private Information that we keep secured is for our admin purposes only. Commonly these include the obvious such as: name, postal address, contact details and notes about your order etc. These details are used for postal services but also help us find you in the system for warranty reasons. If you have lost your receipt, don’t worry, I’m sure we can find a copy for you.

All credit card and PayPal transitions are handled through their dedicated secure servers so we never have access these details.

We don't have access to your log in password. These are handled automatically.

We are happy to remove any sensitive information from our system at your request.

We may on a rare occasion send an email to you regarding information related to your purchase. If you receive an email from us and are unhappy, please reply to it requesting to have your email removed from our mailing list.

Using our website policy

All the information provided by us (North Arm Machete Co.) is based on how we use these same products and many years of experience. We do not intend to inform anyone on how they should use these products. If we have written or implied that you need to do something a certain way, please disregard this as it is not our intention to direct or lead anyone. Anyone using our website understands that they need to decide what is safe and appropriate for themselves in their unique situation. We may be highly experienced working with agricultural tools, especially machetes/knives and practice/update our own safety procedures but we are not a certified authority on the safe use of any tool.

All the content included in this website remains the intelectual property of North Arm Machete Co. It is absolutely free to view, but please do not copy or use any of our content for commercial purposes.

Our Plain English Contract

Our terms and conditions are very simple and short. We also don’t believe in confusing anyone including ourselves with legal jargon nor will we hide all this in the fine print!

Understand that we have no control of how you use our products and services. How you choose to use the products or services effects the safety of you and everything around you.

You are free not to agree to our terms and conditions, however please understand we will not be able to help you any further with our products or services.

This is our (Between North Arm Machete Co. and you the purchaser) Plain English Contract. By clicking the ‘I Agree’ button, you are agreeing with and signing the following:

Machetes/knives and tool use can be incredibly diverse. We simply cannot know your unique set of circumstances, knowledge and ability that you wish to use these tools within. So the responsibility and all outcomes falls to you when you choose to purchase and use our extremely sharp machetes, sheathes and other associated tools. Although we have heavily tested our products, our products and services have an unknown level of safety. For example: Our design criteria for our sheaths was based on making a stronger, safer and more functional sheath system for an extremely sharp machete and we are comfortable with the product for our own use. You however may be requiring a higher safety margin and we simply cannot know or decide that for you.

• You agree that you are over the age of 18 years and are legally allowed to purchase and/or use a machete/knife bought from us at North Arm Machete Co, or any of our resellers.

• You understand that any knife or machete can be dangerous, especially when sharpened. Once purchased or received from us, you assume all responsibility for the use and misuse of these products. This responsibility includes any damages, financial costs/losses, injuries or death, emotional trauma are transferred to you the purchaser.

• All the information provided by us is based on how we (North Arm Machete Co.) use these products. You understand that we have collected our information from experience as well as researched historical/cultural use. We are not an authority on the safe use of machetes and knives, nor do we pretend to be. We do not know of an authority or training body that specialises in this area. All the information we have provided via email, phone, website, printed material or conversation is not to be taken as how you (the purchaser) should use these tools. It is only how we (North Arm Machete Co.) use these tools.

• Due to the unregulated and diverse nature of machete/sheath use, we here at North Arm Machete Co. cannot be held liable (financially or otherwise) for any foreseeable or unforeseeable situation. You are choosing to purchase these products knowing that you become 100% responsible for all outcomes (financial or otherwise) that arise from how you choose to use or misuse these products. This liability includes but is not limited to: Accidents with a very sharp edge, equipment failure, accidents due to lack of training/research, accidents due to poor maintenance or lack of, incidences due to mental health issues etc.

• There is no such thing as ‘Safe’ when working with any tool. You can only make things Safer! Most incidents can be avoided with common sense, training and good maintenance. How you treat/mistreat your tools will effect its longevity and safety. You the purchaser become responsible for deciding what is safe and appropriate and thus you accept all liability (financial or otherwise) regarding the use of any of our products or services.

• North Arm Machete Co. or any of its benefactors or suppliers cannot be held liable (financially or otherwise) for the use/misuse or modification of any of the products and services. You are choosing to purchase and use these tools in your unique situation within your unique level of ability and understanding. North Arm Machete Co. cannot possibly know your ability, intended use/abuse of these products or your level of maintenance and safety protocols. Therefore, when you use our products and services, you are also agreeing to take on all the liability/responsibility, financial or otherwise.

• There is no such thing as a guarantee of 100% safety when using a sharp machete, knife or tool. By purchasing /receiving and using any of the machetes,knives, sheaths or tools we sell from us at NAMCo., you are agreeing that you have chosen to use these tools at your own risk. All liability (financial or otherwise) is transferred to you the purchaser when you take possession of the products that you chose to procure.

• The only guarantee of safety with using a sheath in combination with a sharp machete would be the equivalent of a sheath designed around a steel tool box. You understand that although we claim our hard PVC sheaths are a safer option than a canvas or leather sheath, our products (sheaths) safety is reduced due to the practicality and functionality of using lighter and cheaper materials other than steel. You are choosing to use our sheaths knowing full well the inherent risks involved in using weaker and less robust materials and are excepting all liability (financial or otherwise) in relation to using our products.

• The use of the terms ‘us’ ‘we’ NAMCo and North Arm Machete Co., is referring to anyone involved financially in our business.

• Understand that any modification will have an effect on safety. We have found no literature stating that shaping the handle or sharpening the machete is acceptable and safe. Any modifications that we make (or describe) suggesting that it will improve the use of the machete/sheath, has come from our extensive experience and research on how others have modified similar tools. We believe they are common sense modifications, however we cannot guarantee that these are not at the detriment to safety and longevity to the product. Our product testing and knowledge is based on how we use and care for these products. We cannot know or control how you modify/use and care for these products. You are choosing to use and purchase these products and services knowing full well that you are agreeing to take on any liability (financial or otherwise) due to any incidents involving these products and services. Examples of these modifications include but are not limited to: Handle shaping, protective timber finishes, removing the blade coatings, sharpening the machete (including tip sharpening), Oiling the blade, injuries during tool maintenance, re-handling, tube rivets etc.

  •  Once purchased from us, you become responsible for all outcomes associated with these tools. This includes when you pass on ownership or loan these tools.

Edit 5/05/16: If you have received a machete and/or sheath package from us as a gift, the term purchaser applies to you the person receiving this gift. As indicated in the documentation sent with your package, by unpacking this item you are showing to us that you have fully read, understood and agree with the above page.


Added: April- 6- 2018

Safety with Paracord Fids –

  • You have chosen to purchase these fids (sharp or otherwise) knowing there are inherent safety risks with using a sharp needle fid that are similar to many other sharp hand tools (eg, leather work tool). Situations such as (but not limited to), forcing the sharp fid through materials and sustaining an injury in the process are solely your responsibility. This responsibility you chose covers both, all the financial aspects as well as any physical injury.

  • You acknowledge that it is standard practice to melt the paracord end and manipulate that end (while warm, but safe to do so) to shape it to fit in the paracord fid. Melting and manipulating cord comes with it's own safety risks to person and property, and as above, you accept sole responsibility financial or otherwise.

  • We (NAMCo) cannot possibly know what is safe and appropriate when using these fids and cord to make and/or modify your own equipment. Due to the large scope of possibilities when using these fids to make/modify your own equipment with paracord or other cord, you are responsible for assessing the safety, load carrying abilities and suitability of using these fids to modify or make your own equipment. NAMCo will not be held liable (Financial or otherwise) for your decisions and use of these fids and/or cord.

Stropping Crayons

  • You acknowledge the fact that we here at NAMCo. did not make the compound (Made by Veritas), but rather recast the product in a smaller and more portable form. We do not know the safety issues with what products the parent company chose to use in the making of the stropping compound or how re-casting it effects the safety of the product, but you agree, NAMCo is not liable (financial or otherwise) for damages or injury due to the use or miss use of the product.

  • 'Veritas Tools Inc' is a registered business in Canada. NAMCo. is in no way affiliated with Veritas.

  • Some of our crayons come with a cord (HEMP or Cotton or Nylon) that is cast in during the making of this product. You will not use these stropping crayons as a candle as the compound when burnt, is potentially dangerous to human health.

  • Although it is not listed in their (Veritas) instructions, wash your hands to remove contamination of the product after use and do not put the product in your mouth.

  • For a copy of the Veritas Instruction Guide ( called 05M08.1) provided with the product, Please visit their website at http://www.veritastools.com/Products/Page.aspx?p=120