Rounding off the Spine

Why would I need to round off the spine near the tip?

This article was copied from our FAQs page!

Well you do not need to do this. It’s just another modification that can be done do to setup a machete to suit a task.

Machete’s can be set up as makeshift draw knives. By making the spine a little safer to hold you can get a two handed grip on the blade and handle, much like a draw knife. This suits the bushcraft user a lot more than anything else and is a good match up with our sharpening.

Using a machete in this manner requires a lot of skill. That’s a whole lot of sharp edge you’re pulling towards yourself! We often use this method when making camp furniture however, we take 100% responsibility for our safety! You become 100% responsible of the outcomes when you choose to use a machete in any manner!