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If you already know exactly what you want, click the pictures below to take you to each shopping aisle for your colour choices.  Backpack Sheaths are on the left and Belt Hung are on the right.

If you just landed here and need more information, we have a lot on offer! Under the pictures you should find what you need. If in doubt, don't hesitate in contacting us here at NAMCo. We like to help!



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Handle Retention Strap

Without A Strap

Handle Retention Strap

Without A Strap

 Need more information on the sheaths we offer?

Here are some important points

All our sheath systems are primarily designed to help keep a sharp machete easily on hand as a multipurpose tool. The common platform amongst all of them is the hard PVC shell. Each has a flared mouth and a pinch point at the tip.

Hard PVC is a perfect material to use with a sharp machete. It's rigid, stable and much more cut and moisture resistant than leather and canvas. The flared mouth helps guide the machete's tip into the sheath when stowing your tool. The pinch point at the tip gently holds the machete when it's stowed and prevents it rattling around while on the move.

Now onto all the sheath options we offer!

Belt Hung vs Backpack

Here is a link with information to help you decide between the two systems. Each has their strong points and a lot of their features crossover. If you want to take advantage of the quick action, single handed draw and drop feature, then that's a Belt Hung Sheath. It can accommodate big belts up to 51mm by 4mm. You can put these on your utility belt for convenience or they will hang from a trouser belt just fine.

If you want a multipurpose system, the Backpack Sheath is what you're after. It's very flexible in its mounting and carry options. They can be converted back and forth to a Shoulder Carry System quickly and Ranger Bands allow you to stack tools and equipment to them easily.


Handle Retention Strap vs No Strap

This is a great add-on to our sheaths and for some, it's going to be an important safety feature. The pinch point built into the sheath offers a minimum level of retention and is designed to aid the user to quickly deploy and stow the machete while they are working. When not in use, the Handle Retention Strap comes into play and helps secure the machete within the sheath. 

If you're picking up a Backpack Sheath and plan to strap it to the outside of your pack or use it as a shoulder carry system, the handle strap is much more important. In both these situations, the sheath is likely to be thrown around and no one wants a sharp machete on the loose!

If in doubt, order a sheath with a strap. It easily clips behind the sheath out of the way and you have access to it in a few seconds when it's needed. 

The Handle Retention Strap is made from heavy duty 25mm seat belt webbing coupled with a large stainless steel snap fastener. We double rivet the strap to the sheath.


Paint Options

This is up to your personal taste. We have spent a lot of time in the research and development of these sheaths trying to find the best paint system that will stick to PVC. It's been a challenge! Here is a good link describing how you can paint these yourself as well as how we do it. We use a premium automotive paint system as they dry very hard and fast. Spray can paints that you can pick up from the hardware store are a great DIY option but they take a long time to fully cure. We had good success with the Rustoleum paint that's designed for plastics.  

Machetes and sheaths are designed to be used in harsh environments, not look pretty on a wall! If your using them properly, all our painted sheaths will end up with a unique 'Battle Hardened' look as the paint wears, chips and scratches! Wrapping them in a protective slip is an easy way around this. They not only look good with a skin, they have other practical applications as well. Take a look at our Put a Wrap on It! page for more information.


 Unpainted PVC

This is perfect for users who are more interested in function rather than a pretty coat of paint! It also suits users who wish to prep and paint the sheath for themselves. It's our 'no frills' option and we include no preparation for painting. Please expect normal product markings such as scratches and labeling. These are mostly removed with scotchbrite sanding pads and acetone. A quick wipe and dry of nail polish acetone cleans PVC easily.

Unpainted sheaths are not always quickly available. We tend to cherry pick the cleanest PVC blanks to make them from. If you are planning on painting them, or it's a knockabout tool box sheath (you're not fussed on it looking pretty!) let us know when you place your order as those destined for a paint finish are more readily available.


 Matt Black Epoxy Paint

If a machete ever needed a ‘little black dress’, this would be it. This option includes two heavy coats of Matt Black Epoxy paint. Black goes with everything! It's actually a 'Super Etch' paint and the most chip/scratch resistant coating we currently offer.


Olive Drab & Coyote Tan Topcoats in a Matt Finish

We originally only had the Olive Drab but many of you asked for a tan colour, so we added another line (we aim to please!). If you're ordering a top coat, every sheath has 2 coats of Matt Black Epoxy and 2 top coats in a 1K automotive paint!


Where Is The Postal Slip?

If you're ordering one of our hand sharpened machetes, in order to safely send the machete to you, we need to provide you with a hard sheath option. The most economical option is a postal slip. We keep it on the Customise & Extras page.