Just A ‘Great Quality Machete & The Sharpest Edge You Can Get’ Please!


Whats included in this Bare Bones Deal?

The Famous Tramontina 14″ Bolo     $25

El Premio Plus Sharpening       $25

Redesigned Postal Slip              $5  (normally $10 if purchased without a sheath or sharpening service. So that’s a discount on a discount!)

Normal Price     $55

Package Deal Price     $50 (When on sale)

NB! The Rough Blued Blade finish in the photos is not included in this package!


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It does not get any simpler than this. This package includes a Tramontina Bolo  +  El Premio Plus sharpening service. If you are unfamiliar with our sharpening, rest assured the El Premio is as sharp as a crafting machete gets! This is a polished, razor sharp edge…. We are not kidding!

Now on to the famous Tramontina Bolo. We are big fans of this machete and are not alone. Tramontina has a huge following worldwide. They are known as one of the best quality crafting and work machetes on the market. If you actually use a machete as an all day work tool, chances are it’s a Tramontina. They know how to make top quality machetes not pretty looking pretend tools.

This package deal includes our redesigned postal slips for free. We went to great lengths designing all our sheaths as well as this postal slip so we can safety post these extremely sharp tools to you. The two functions these postal slips must do is:

  1. Keep everyone involved with the shipping process safe. It is remarkable difficult to ship a properly sharpened tool safely and we believe it is the main reason almost all knives and machetes are shipped from the factory with a really poor quality sharpening service.
  2. Protect the edge during transit. With  our postal slips and sheaths, the edge never comes in contact with anything during the whole shipping process. The edge is suspended within the slip or sheath the whole time. How do we achieve this?…..It took a lot of research and development but we got there in the end!

NB! We strongly recommend that you don’t put these machetes in canvas or a soft sheath. These machetes are properly sharpened and will easily cut through a soft canvas sheath. That is not a safe way to use and store these tools.

Once you start using sharp tools, you will never want to go back. As we have shaped the steel behind the edge (primary bevel) properly, they are now one of the easiest tools to keep sharp. All you will need are some very basic sharpening equipment and you have a tool that you can keep wickedly sharp for as long as you like!

These Postal Slips are only designed as a packaging material through the post. If you are planning on using these as a daily sheath, you probably will be disappointed with them… and we don’t like disappointment!  They are perfectly matched for their intended purpose though!