El Premio Plus (Sharp Tip)


  • Simply the best edge you can find on a machete
  • The Machete has been ground, honed, stropped & tested to be a hair popping razor’s edge
  • Suits bushcraft style users as this sharpening is on par with hand sharpened and stropped craft knives
  • Thin Convex Edge to suit Australia’s tough bush
  • The edge is maintained with finer abrasives and strops or can be rough sharpened with a file and sharpening stone
  • The El Premio Edge requires less force and speed per cut due to the finer polished edge.
  • The El Premio Edge Plus is sharp all the way to the tip
  • Hand sharpened in Australia by people that actually use the products they provide!

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Now, The El Premio Edge. This is simply a cut above the rest! This Premium edge will suit someone who won’t settle for anything less. We start where we left off on the Gaucho Grind and now we begin to polish and refine the edge. Their are 6 grades of grinding belts from 180grit to 1200grit that we go through. Then one honing belt, then a .5 micron stropping belt to really polish the edge. We then test, sharpen, strop then re-test until we get a hair shaving edge!

Why would you choose the El Premio Edge sharpening? If you’re a bushcrafter, you are really going to appreciate this edge. It basically has the same quality sharpen you will only find on very high end custom bush craft knives.

Being so sharp, the performance of the machete increases drastically. It cuts much deeper in heavy chopping and slices thin material with a much slower swing. This is the level of sharpness we use on a daily basis on our farm.

Maintaining this edge requires some finer sharpening stones and a strop but and axe stone and file will still keep the machete performing.

Price includes Sharpening Service only. Machete and Bluing sold separately