Pick A Sharpening

Will that Be a Gaucho Grind or The El Premio Edge?


We mention a lot on this website about sharpening. Why, here at NAMCo, do we like this part of our job? The truth is we still get a kick out of hearing how people enjoy using tools that we hand sharpened!

If you need help working out which of the 4 sharpening styles that we offer will suit you, Click on this link for all the information you need. The Basic rundown:

  • The Gaucho Grind will suit those planning on working their machetes hard! Most will call this style of edge wickedly sharp. This edge is easy to keep 'tipped' up with basic sharpening equipment. Whether you're a beginner sharpener or seasoned pro, it's a very forgiving edge to keep performing.
  • The El Premio is a 'cut above the rest'. It is a machete with a high end bushcraft knife's edge. We grind, hone, strop and test every El Premio edge by hand. This is a hair popping razor's edge. This edge requires some finer sharpening equipment to keep tipped up. This is the level of sharpening that we use on our farm. They are a joy to use when they are this sharp!

If you're interested in some more technical information on our sharpening, such as Thin Edge Convex versus other edge geometry, click on this link.

If you're ordering a sharpening service from us, we simply cannot ship it safely to you unless it's in a hard PVC sheath. They are much sharper than a factory sharpened machete and the standard packaging methods all failed our safety tests. They are just too sharp! Take a look at the sheath options we have available. We have one for every budget starting at $5 for a Postal Slip.


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The Gaucho Grind

The Gaucho Plus

El Premio Edge

El Premio Plus