The Gaucho Grind (Blunt Tip)


  • The most appropriate sharpening for general purpose machete work
  • Thin Convex Edge to suit Australia’s tough bush
  • Simple to field sharpen using a file or sharpening stone
  • Easiest edge on a cutting tool to learn how to maintain & sharpen.
  • 100% work ready edge
  • Sharper than any factory machete you can buy off the shelf
  • The Gaucho Grind suits grubbing work in the soil due to the blunt tip
  • Hand sharpened in Australia by people that actually use the products they provide!

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The Gaucho Grind

The Gaucho Grind’s edge will be much sharper and perform better than any factory sharpened machete you can buy off the shelf. We start by grinding and shaping the whole edge back to a fine thin convex shape that’s just right for our harsh Aussie bush. We then sharpen just the edge (micro bevel) so it will slice thin unsupported material as well as chop heavily into woody branches.

It’s called the Gaucho (Cowboy) Grind because it’s a no frills but 100% work ready edge. It’s about as good an edge you could ever need when using a machete for general purpose hard work. If you’re using it properly, you will be touching up the edge a few times over a full days hard work with a file or sharpening stone. There is no point in paying for a polished edge if its going to be a workhorse.

This style of edge suits your basic sharpening equipment. We generally point beginners towards this setup. It’s a forgiving edge to learn how to sharpen and maintain a machete. What you learn on this setup translates to just about any single edge cutting tool or knife.

Price includes Sharpening Service only