Machetes & Sharpening

Here is where you will find the famous Tramontina 14″ Bolo and the various professional sharpening services we provide.

Why get it sharpened? Simply because we very rarely come across a factory edge on any knife or machete that we could not drastically improve!

Getting an extremely sharp machete from us is easy! Add a machete to your shopping cart then pick one of the sharpening services!

If your after a ‘do all’ machete edge that covers everything from gardening, camping, clearing and heavy weeding, take a look at the Gaucho Grind sharpening. It’s an edge that most users will really enjoy using and it’s easy to keep sharp with a file or sharpening stone.

If you simply must have the best edge you can get on a machete, take a look at our El Premio Edge sharpening service! We refine the sharpening process with a many more steps and tests to make sure these machetes have a well tuned hair popping edge! This level of sharpening suits the bushcraft style user as the edge is sharpened to a level much the same as quality crafting knife. This is how sharp we use our machetes daily on our farm. It’s as good as you can get and we won’t have it any other way!

If your ordering a sharpening service from us, we simply cannot ship it safely to you unless its in a hard PVC sheath! They are much sharper than a factory knife and the standard packaging methods all failed our safety tests. They are just too sharp! Take a look at the 4 sheath options we have available. All come in a choice of 4 colours. We have one for every budget starting at $5 for a postal slip.

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