4mm Paracord Needle Fid – Sharp Tip


  • Stitch paracord straight through LEATHER!
  • Stitch slim line, load bearing eye splices
  • Stitch paracord through webbing, canvas as well as multiple strands of paracord
  • Simply modify and add to your bag straps & MOLLE to create custom attachment points for your gear

and much, much more!

Hand made, right here in Australia from 316 Stainless Steel

Fid dimensions- 4mm by approx 105mm long

In stock


Finally, something different in the colourful world of Paracord!

4mm Needle Fid – Sharp Tip

Now this is my favourite, we call it the ‘Pro Fid’. It can stitch through full strand paracord, webbing, canvas and even leather!!!

Due to the really pointy tip, polished finish and long tapered sides, it excels in a few important areas:

  • You can pass it through tightly packed material that is caused by being close to another stitch

  • You can accurately and easily locate your stitches with the pointy tip

  • It can push through leather and stiff webbing material far easier than the other fids

Why do we call it the PRO FID?  Apart from it’s improved abilities with stitching, the sharp tip makes it a safety issue. Originally we were not going to release the sharp tip version but due to it being so useful, we decided to let you all choose if you were prepared to take on the responsibilities and outcomes that come with it. See the extra SAFETY paragraph at the bottom of this page.

On a side note, this fid has become my most favoured splinter removal needle. Due to it being so easy to manipulate, I find it gets the splinters out in to time at all.

Now don’t forget, we have a few different options in these slim 4mm Paracord fids, each will excel in a different area. For more information including the safety section, follow THIS LINK to the previous page.


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