5mm Paracord Fid – Blunt Tip


  • Polished to reduce friction
  • Sharp enough to stitch through seatbelt webbing
  • Blunt enough not to snag on the paracord

and much, much more!

Hand made, right here in Australia from 316 Stainless Steel

Fid dimensions- 5mm by approx 105mm long

In stock


5mm Paracord Fid- Blunt Tip

Our fid is a big improvement over the standard 5mm paracord fids already in the market so we decided to include it for the fans. First up it’s polished, and that is not for aesthetic reasons. Although it looks sexy, when you’re forcing fids through tight knots, friction makes all the difference. We made sure the tip design was just right. If it is too pointy, it can snag on the paracord. If it is too blunt, you can’t force it through seat belt webbing.

Yep, that’s right, If the tip design is just right and it is polished, you can push a 5mm fid through seatbelt webbing.

We drilled and tapped these 5mm fids in the standard M4 thread pattern. There is no need for complicated methods in trying to get the paracord to fit in these fids. Just cut square, melt so the ball is larger than the sheath and gently roll the melt when it is cool enough.

Now don’t forget, we have a few different options in these slim 4mm Paracord fids, each will excel in a different area. For more information including the safety section, follow THIS LINK to the previous page.


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