NAMCo Custom Fids – 4PACK


What is in the 4Pack?

    4mm Needle Fid – Ballpoint Tip

  • The Universal Paracord Fid for stitching straight through full strand  paracord as well as braiding it
  •   Stitches through webbing, canvas, cotton and more

  4mm Needle Fid – Sharp Tip

  • Our ‘Pro Fid’ can stitch through LEATHER, webbing and multiple strands of full strength paracord
  • Accurate stitch location
  • Stitches through tightly packed material easier than any other paracord fid!

  4mm Needle Fid – Blunt Tip

  • Our response to the generic thick paracord fids already on the market! The slim fid glides through the tightest knots and braids
  • Can stitch through seatbelt webbing

    5mm Paracord Fid – Blunt Tip

  • A vastly improved version of the 5mm and 6mm paracord fids already on the market
  • A polished Paracord Fid that is blunt enough not to snag paracord but sharp enough to  stitch straight through seatbelt webbing

All our Custom Paracord Fids are made right here in Australia with 316 and 304 Stainless Steel. All fid lengths are approx 105mm in length.

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What is better than just one Paracord fid?… All of them!

Often you will find a paracord project requires more than just one Paracord fid. The advantage of this 4pack of NAMCo Paracord Fids is that you can pair them up to tackle the task.

If you have just landed here and don’t know how unique these NAMCo Custom Paracord Fids are, Go check out this page HERE. All the relevant information as well as project ideas are in one spot so, you can get a better understanding on why we say


‘Finally, There is something different in the colourful world of Paracord!’



What can these unique fids do with paracord?

Easily make slim line, load carrying eye splices.

Unique stitch through, full strand paracord braids.

Stitch through leather, canvas, seatbelt webbing, multiple full strand paracord lines and more.

Custom carry rigs.

Tool handle wraps.

Personalising your MOLLE platform and bag straps to really suit how you want to use it…

and much, much more!


So, How do I use these fids together?

Combine the 4mm Sharp Tip with the 4mm Ballpoint Tip

Custom projects like the NAMCo’s MOLLE Dee Links are a breeze with these two fids. One huge advantage to using these two fids as a pair is that you can come up with some unique attachment points for your equipment. Those Dee Links are just the beginning. You can stitch directly to your bag straps and webbing with full strand paracord and come up with all sorts of custom solutions to stowing your gear.

With this pair, you can easily do the locked Spanner Link stitch. It’s major advantage is that each line gets stitched through the other so the the line is essentially locked up and cannot slip.


Combine the 4mm Blunt Tip with the 5mm Blunt Tip

This would be your most commonly known combination. There are many paracord crafts that need multiple Blunt fids and this pair solves that problem nicely. Both our 4mm & 5mm Blunt tip fids are carefully shaped and polished to reduce friction. They will unpick the toughest knots as well as glide through the tightest braids.

The bonus with NAMCo’s Blunt Paracord Fids is that both can easily push through seatbelt webbing. When you can stitch paracord through webbing, you can modify and make your own on your gear. Although the 4mm Blunt Tip is no match at stitching through full strand paracord like the Sharp Tip and Ballpoint Tip but, in a pinch, the 4mm Blunt Tip can just make it through full strand 550 Paracord!


Did you know all our fids are made from 316 and 304 Stainless Steel? They are all hand crafted right here in Australia!


What is in the 4Pack?

  4mm Needle Fid – Ballpoint Tip

This is our ‘Universal’ Paracord fid. It can stitch full strand paracord through itself as well as through: webbing, canvas, linen etc. It can be used as a standard weaving and braiding paracord fid and it makes for one of the best knot unpicking tools in the shed.

Take a look at our individual Shop item (HERE) for a full description of what this 4mm Needle Fid – Ballpoint Tip can do.


   4mm Needle Fid – Sharp Tip

This is my personal favourite as it can stitch full strand paracord through the tightest of materials. It can easily push straight through leather as well as really tight paracord that is close to another stitch. We call this the ‘Pro fid’ because it really opens up the doors to what you can achieve with paracord, but another reason is that it is really sharp. Like any sharp tool, great care is needed!

Take a look at our individual Shop item (HERE) for a full description of what this 4mm Needle Fid – Sharp Tip can do.


   4mm Needle Fid – Blunt Tip

This is our ‘vastly improved’ answer to the generic 5mm and 6mm paracords fids already on the market. Our fid is slim and polished which has some big advantages with paracord crafts. First up, a slimmer fid is going to make it through the really tight braids with ease and cause little distortion to your carefully layered knots.

Being polished with a carefully shaped tip, it is not going to rough up the outer sheath when you’re pushing it through tight braids but, the real advantage is that it will easily push through seatbelt webbing.

Take a look at our individual Shop item (HERE) for a full description of what this 4mm Needle Fid – Blunt Tip can do.


   5mm Paracord Fid – Blunt Tip

There are a lot of generic 5mm fids on the market, but ours are better! First up, it’s polished and that is not for aesthetic reasons. When the fid is so smooth, it is going to pass through the really tough braids without damaging the outer sheath of the paracord.

We carefully shaped the tip so it is blunt enough to minimise snagging on the sheath but it’s sharp enough to stitch straight through seatbelt webbing….and that is pretty cool to be honest!

We tapped the back of these in the standard M4 thread pattern to match what is already common in the market at the moment. It has proven itself to be about the easiest and most universal thread size to suit paracord.

Take a look at our individual Shop item (HERE) for a full description of what this 5mm Paracord Fid – Blunt Tip can do.


Don’t forget, there is a lot of important information on these fids found on the main NAMCo Custom Paracord Fid page found HERE.


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