Heat Shrink (Sheath Wrap)


  • ‘Tool Tough’ protective heat shrink skin for your sheath
  • .9mm thick wall once installed
  • Black satin finish
  • Comes with two small Ranger Bands to dress the top and bottom
  • We offer free fitting and take requests
  • Most go for a 3/4 skin but 1/2 or full skins are also common.


These sheaths really look the part with a skin on them!

Apart from looking good, these skins actually do a great job of protecting the paint finish on the sheath. When you’re jamming tools and gear under the ranger bands, this heat shrink skin is a really robust ‘tool tough’ barrier.

The sheaths tend to take a battering when your dragging them through the bush and even more so in the back of a Ute full of gear. This is where the skin does its best work.

This is one of the mods that is a little tricky to install and we are happy to do this for free. Just let us know via the drop down box option above. It’s recommended that you let us do this.

Because we offer the free fitting, we take requests as well. We don’t think it’s fussy to ask for what you want and we do our best to accommodate all requests.

This photo shows about a 1/2 skin. The most popular are the 3/4 skins. The full skin finishes below where the mouth flare starts.

The reason it’s tricky is that the shrinking temp of the wrap is well above the de-mould temperature of the PVC. It’s easy to cook the paint as well.

There is an art to it. The trick is to shield the uncovered part of the sheath from the heat. We direct the heat to the raised areas of the heat shrink (HS) and avoid it where it touches the sheath. You end up with a rough half moon shape at the top and bottom of the skin. We just tidy the edges up with a small Ranger Band.

Don’t forget, HS shrinks in all directions!

The heat shrink comes with its own labeling. We generally put this on the back side of the sheath. It mostly scrubs off with acetone but don’t get any on the PVC or paint!

Additional information

Heat Shrink Skin Sizes

1/2 Skin, 3/4 Skin, Full Skin

Free Fitting

'Yes' Please Install this item for me!, No, do not install this item!