Welcome to the Extras Shop!

Here you will find a lot of custom features we can apply to your machete & sheath.

If we have sharpened a machete for you, it’s going to perform brilliantly right out of the box. With a bit of tweaking, you can really make this setup a pleasure to use. We believe that customising these machetes and sheaths make great DIY projects. Lets face it, if you’re picking up some gear from us you probably think along that line as well.

So far, we focused the main part of the shop on the bits that are tougher to do by hand (the first grind/ sharpen and a great sheath!) The rest of the project is very manageable for the average DIY’er with an interest. Not only will you save a lot of money, you will become a lot more comfortable maintaining your new tool.

We have a lot of information in our Product Info page that will show you how we work on these machetes.

It’s best to work on these machetes when their blunt (we are not kidding, if we worked on it then it’s extremely sharp). Use them for a while until the edge is dull enough before working on the machete.

For the people that appreciate it when someone else takes care of the finer details or your buying a machete & sheath as a gift, the rest of the mods are for you!

We will also include items such as the Shoulder Carry Straps, Mora Knives, Ferro Rod Fire Steels, files, sharpening equipment etc when they become available.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions, we like to help! For our contact details, just click on ‘About Us’ found in the menu bar on top of this page.

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