ABS Hanger Upgrade NEW


Our new Major Sheath Upgrade, the ABS Hanger!

  • Improved flexibility and ride while hung from a belt
  • Ease of use while squatting or working low to the ground
  • Major strength upgrade to an already robust sheath line up
  • Suits Belt Hung Sheaths and sheaths that come fitted with a Handle Retention Strap


NB! Belt loops come in Black for all the painted sheaths. We can sometimes colour match these on request.


One huge advantage to having our handcrafted manufacturing line all in house, is that modifications and customisation are hardwired into the process!

We were asked by a few of our customers for more flexibility in the hanger system. We had been sitting on this idea for a while and thought it was time to try it out. We made up some prototypes for all involved to test and we were so impressed with the results (6 months of R&D), we are now in the process of including this ABS Hanger as a permanent new line in our shopfront.

NB! The ABS Hanger does not convert a Backpack Sheath into a Belt Hung Sheath. The hanger is the attachment point for a flexible belt loop and/or a Handle Retention Strap.

The ABS Hanger is a major upgrade to our already robust sheaths. The benefits include:

While hung off a belt, the 50mm seat belt webbing link offers a greater range of movement while walking but still rides comfortably under load without tugging or bouncing around. While kneeling (think camp chores, fire lighting or bending over to pick up branches etc..) the sheath easily swings back out of the way and you can still draw and stow the machete in this position.

By moving the attachment point of the hanger to the strongest part of the sheath, we improved the durability of an already tough package. ABS plastic is one of the best choices for cold climates and when you couple these two points together, you get a much stronger and robust sheath system for your machete!

Not an important point for a workhorse tool but we think these sheaths look awesome with the new ABS Hanger and our top of the line customised machetes!

All the new hanger upgrades include the heavy duty heat shrink skin installed on the top 1/5th of the sheath. This covers the four 9mm holes for the rivets in the face of the sheath. We liked the look of the holes as well as the black heat shrink. For safety, we opted to skin them all.

NB! Free upgrade is for a limited time only. Not valid when combined with Backpack Sheaths without a handle strap.

The machetes, sheaths and various modifications in the photos are for demonstration purposes only. This free upgrade is for the ABS Hanger only.