Ferrocerium Rod Fire Steel


  • 8mm diameter rod 80mm long as seen on the left hand side in the picture. The ‘Light My Fire’ rod is just there for size comparison.
  • Big rod with no handle so you can use much more of the steel
  • Fail safe method of getting a fire going as there are 1000’s of strikes in every rod.
  • A perfect backup plan to your regular fire lighting equipment
  • Works is all conditions. Frozen, wet or baked in the sun, as long as there is a rod it just keeps going!

    Due to current shortages, only one per order. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I still remember my Cub Scout Leader explaining the concept of ‘Always Be Prepared’ to her little group of listeners. The one extra point she did a good job of getting across to us was Being prepared is always a rule of three‘ as she held up her hand presenting the three finger scouts symbol.

This simply means always have three methods readily on hand. When caving, have three sources of light. When hiking, have three methods to purify drinking water.  When cooking food, always have three methods of getting a fire started!

These Ferro Rod Fire steels just don’t fail! You can get them wet, freeze them in the snow and mud or bake them in the hot Australian sun and they will keep on working!

They don’t need to be your primary source of fire lighting, but it’s a backup that will never fail.

It’s good to practice with these from time to time as it’s a skill that can be refined.

We have come across a unique method of using these with machetes that guarantees a huge amount of hot sparks that is easy to direct in one spot on the first go. Watch this space as we will be doing a video description on it in the near future.

As always, we test everything! We did a ‘pepsi/coke’ challenge with the two biggest brand names out there in fire steels against the fire steels we sell and we could not find any difference!