Shape the Hardwood Handle


This has been replaced by the S5 ~ Shape & Seal handle mod
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Tune up the factory handle.

Removing the ‘hot spots’ gives the handle a much better feel and reduces the risk of blisters during long hours of work.

We finish off the handle shaping with Danish Oil. This is a very old but tried and tested finish for wood handled tools. It is a hard-drying, penetrating oil that leaves a water resistant satin finish.

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If we were going to recommend only one improvement on these machetes, it would be to lightly shape and sand the factory handle.

These are very good quality Eucalyptus hardwood handles. They have proven themselves over and over again for us. Here is a link to one of our test machetes that is still going strong today after 4 hard years of work. It is still the original factory handle and showing no signs of giving up yet.

We focus these points when we shape a handle for a customer:

  • We file the raised timber on top of the handle flat with the spine
  • Removing the ‘Hot Spots’, we use a round file and blend in all the harsh edges
  • We then sand out the file marks with 80 grit emery cloth, then 120 grit
  • We then give the handle a coat of Danish Oil

We picked this system as it closely mimics the smoothness and finish that is found on a factory Tramontina handle. The difference is our handle shaping is a big improvement on the feel of the machete in your hand.

Generally, if you fit into S, M or L size work gloves then this handle shaping will fit just fine. Occasionally, we come across not so common hand shapes and we have some simple fixes for these. Nobody’s left out! Just contact us if you have any questions.

For example, a quick fix for a handle that feels too small or smooth is to install a ranger band on the handle.

If you would like it left rough for grip or you do not want an oil finish on the handle, Please leave a note for us when you order. Click here for an important FAQ on this topic.

Here is a link on how we work on and shape these handles.