Tramontina 12” Latin Machete (A.K.A The 12” Scout)


If you’re after an ultra light bush machete that’s small on size but big on ability, it’s this 12” Latin machete from Tramontina.

Machete and sheath packages weigh as little as 480grams.

Tramontina 12″ Latin machete 26620/012

New Old Stock on sale Limit 1 per order.

We secured old stock of these machetes and some are very slightly blemished. Machetes quickly look rough with use anyway so you may as well secure yourself a bargain. The important info on this is found below.

Some photos show optional extras. This shop item is for an unmodified 12″ Tramontina Latin machete.


These 12” Scout machetes really are 'The Little Machete That Could'

Does everyone needs a big machete when they are out bush? If you're not building huge camp bonfires, constantly trail blazing or building Taj Mahal style shelters, these little 12” Scout machetes are for you. It's the one tool you will pack with you on small day walks, lazy fishing trips by the river or full on multi day hikes as a Scout.
If you're a farmer or avid gardener, these little 12's have their use as well. Being short, they hang from a belt sheath easily. They are perfectly sized to be used as a harvesting tool as well as being a backup tool for a line trimmer or chainsaw.

Even though it's a short machete, you can really ramp up how you use this tool. It's a machete that you can pack knowing full well it's a capable one stop survival tool.

Do you want the most from these 12” Scout machetes? Then let us tune them up for you.

We know what it takes to really make these great tools perform. We use the same machetes, sheaths and sharpening daily on our farm. When we go bush, the very same tools always come with us.

The two main mods that we would be recommending are Get It Sharpened and pick up a Hard-Shell Sheath.

Get It Sharpened

We grind a proper thin convex edge on these machetes and it's perfectly matched for our harsh Australian conditions. After we grind the primary bevel, we then sharpen it so it's 100% hard work ready. Since we have done all the hard work of grinding in the primary bevel, this machete will be easy to keep sharp in the field.

Would you like more information on how we sharpen these machetes to suit our harsh Australian environment? Here is a short article on How We Sharpen Machetes.


Pick Up A Sheath

If you pair up one of these capable Scout machetes with one of our Hard-Shell sheath systems, you now have a rig that you can take with you. We have the full range of sheath to suit these 12” Scout machetes. From a Hard-Shell Backpack Sheath or Belt Hung sheath as well as a dedicated Shoulder Carry System. We have a sheath system to suit exactly how you want to use it.

All our other machete mods are also available to suit this 12” Scout machete. An Epoxy Handle Mod is a great way to increase the durability and feel of the handle. Adding in a Cardscraper Edge on the spine really opens up your fire building ability and a Rough Cold Bluing adds an old school broken in look to the tool.

So what can you do with a 12 inch machete?

If it has been properly sharpened, you can achieve a whole lot with this small machete. Processing firewood, clearing a camp site, building a shelter and blazing a path through thick scrub are all very achievable tasks with this short and light machete.

Why would you pick this 12” Scout machete over the 14” Bolo and the big boy 18” Latin?

Simply put, It's nimble and light. Being shorter, you can carve and craft like a pro. It's more comfortable to prep food, cut a line or prep tinder for a fire. The pointy tip aids in construction projects and the short length means the whole set up is very packable and portable.

What! You're selling 'Blemished' machetes?

First up, it's not bad at all and most are in normal factory condition. Some of them have a few tiny rust spots on the edge (exactly where we grind when we sharpen these machetes). Others have a rust spot on the spine at the very tip (we also grind here when we sharpen these machetes). For the most part if you have ordered a sharpening service with these 12” Scout machetes, the rust spots are removed.

Please keep in mind, the above shop item is for an unmodified Tramontina machete. Some of the pictures show what we can do to really tune up your machete so it will perform at it's best. These modifications are optional extras. 

Do you want more information? Please feel free to contact us here. You're also welcome to contact us via Facebook.

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