The ‘Farm Hand’ Package Deal


Just your basic farmer’s pick. No show ponies found here!

Package includes:

Belt Sheath – Unpainted        $55     (Includes Handle Strap)

Tramontina Bolo                   $25

Gaucho Plus Sharpening         $15

Total regular price                $95

       Package Deal Price   $75 till the end of November!

Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Out of stock


This is the kit we use daily on the farm. The sheaths get thrown around in the back of the Ute with other gear and a nice coat of paint is not going to get the job get done any faster, but a sharp machete usually helps!

A Belt Hung Sheath and a Tramontina Bolo are by far the most commonly used tools on our property. Add in our professional sharpening service and you will have one heck of a machete that will perform all day long! The Gaucho Grind Plus edge that we put on these machetes is wickedly sharp!

Here is a link to all the relevant information on the sheaths if you are unsure of any of the features. The unpainted sheaths are our no frill’s option and are perfectly suited to a tool that’s going to see some hard work, not look pretty on a wall.

You can add more features to this package. A Sheath Wrap looks good on both the black and unpainted sheaths. If you’re in a hurry and would like us to shape the handle for a more comfortable fit, take a look at the Extras Page.





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