EXTRAS Package Deal – Shape the Handle + Remove the Blade Coating


If you are buying a Machete & Sheath package as a gift, This Upgrade Pack will add to the ‘Wow’ factor!

Whats Included:

  • Shape the Hardwood Handle     $20
  • Remove the Blade Coating          $20

Regular Price     $40

Package Deal Sale price      $30

NB! The shaped handle in the photo suits a ‘medium’ sized hand. Please read the note at the end for a better description.


Our two most popular upgrades are: Shape the Hardwood Handle & Remove The Blade Coating.

If you have bought a Machete, Sharpening service and a Sheath as a gift,the only two upgrades we would suggest as a minimum would be this deal! This will add to the ‘wow’ factor when you hand them this package!

We have spoken a lot on this website about the high quality of Tramontina’s eucalyptus hardwood handles. They are tough! Once we have sharpened a machete for you, these are work ready. You can drastically improve the comfort of these handles with a bit of careful shaping and finishing. Once this is done properly, the likelihood of getting blisters is dramatically reduced. They look and feel much better as well!

Removing the Blade Coating is another modification we do when we set these machetes up for our own work. The varnish and sticker from the factory is a temporary coating that will hinder the cleaning and maintenance of these machetes.They tend to look a bit rough after the sharpening and shipping service.

Once we have finished these two steps, you will have a machete and sheath that look as good as they perform!

NB! By default, we shape these handles to fit a generic ‘Medium to Large’ hand. Most users will find this feels just right in the hand. If you tell us your hand size, we can shape the handle to suit. We have solutions for the not so common hand shapes and we do not charge any extra to shape these to fit. No one gets left out! Just leave us a note during checkout. If you normally fit into size S, M or L gloves, just mention that.

Examples of what are helpful notes for us:

Very long fingers and a skinny hand‘, ‘I’m blessed with massive strong hands!‘ or ‘I have a large hand but short fingers‘ are all helpful for us!