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the option of our most popular upgrades.


What’s included in this hard work ready package:

  • Our quick draw & drop Belt Hung Sheath in Matt Black Epoxy

  • ABS Hanger Upgrade

  • Handle Retention Strap

  • Tramontina Bolo with our Gaucho Grind PLUS sharpening service

Regular Price $105     Sale Price $95 (limited time only)

NB! You can add the $40 S5~ Shape & Seal the Handle upgrade to this Work Ready Package.

What is included in the Optional Upgrade:

  • Epoxy Handle Mod, stained dark with Black Japan and sealed with Danish Oil

  • Rough Cold Bluing

Regular price $90      Sale Price $75 (limited time only)


Do you want more information? We have lots more about this package below.

Small Cosmetic Blemish A.K.A the ‘Tramontina Touch Mark’

There is important information found at the very bottom of this page. It is about a very small grind mark left over from Tramontina’s sharpening process.



So who will benefit from these two packages?

Apart from being our most popular order during 2018, this Belt Hung and machete rig is still the best choice for both farm and yard work, as well as camping and trekking. The Farm Hand package is going to give you a no frills but hard work ready set up. It will be right at home on a belt when you're clearing fence lines and weeds. With the optional extras, this will soon become a favourite camping companion when you're out on a bushcraft adventure. 


Machetes really are the original do it all 'Multi Tool' of the bush.

Have we mentioned yet that our sheaths are made right here in Australia? All our sharpening services, sheaths, machete mods, etching work and handle mods are proudly done right here in Australia.


The basic Farm Hand Package includes

The Belt Hung Sheath

We call this the 'quick draw sheath' as it's fast and intuitive to draw the machete and stow it back when needed. It is a true single handed, draw and drop sheath.

When you're working and clearing a big area, having two hands free is a huge advantage. Being able to quickly draw, cut and stow the machete, means you have both hands to stack the huge piles of branches and weeds you will quickly accumulate.

This Belt Hung Sheath suits your serious trail blazers as well. Having your sheath hung off your belt means that you can quickly get access to your machete to clear a trail while you're pushing your way through the bush.

Here is a link back to the many more features of our Belt Hung Sheath.

We also have a Backpack Sheath System as well as our all new Shoulder Carry Sheath.

The ABS Hanger Upgrade

This has been the biggest upgrade we have done to our sheath line since we began many years ago. This hanger upgrade really improved an already robust and hard work tested sheath system. The added bonus of a seatbelt webbing dropper on the ABS Hanger, is that you now have a sheath that more easily moves with you.

We like this upgrade so much that it's soon to be rolled out across our whole sheath line as standard. Here is a link with some more info on the ABS Hanger Upgrade.

The Handle Retention Strap

This is the handle strap that helps retain the machete within the sheath. Although we designed the sheath to function without the need for a retention strap, we normally offer these as a highly recommended safety option. We included the handle strap in this package as it can clip neatly behind the sheath when not in use.

The 14" Tramontina Bolo

It's safe to say we are huge fans of this tool, and we are not alone! Tramontina have a huge fan base worldwide and the Bolo is among their most popular. They know how to make a real, all day long working machete. The good news is that we know how to tune them up and make them really sing.

Here is a link to some more info on why we choose the Bolo.

The Gaucho Grind Sharpening Service

We were not kidding when we said that we really know how to tune these machetes up for both all day hard work as well as a favourite bushcraft tool. We are the Pro's when it comes to hand sharpening machetes in Australia. Period. We have been working with machetes here in Australia for many years and know how to set these up to suit our harsh Australian environment.

Most proper agricultural machetes come very blunt from the factory. These Tramontina's are no different. The Gaucho Grind Plus sharpening service is our pick for a general purpose machete edge. It's easy to maintain even for the beginner sharpener with basic sharpening tools. The seasoned pros will call this an extremely sharp edge. It is a true thin convex edge and we make sure it is wickedly sharp, ready for work.

We offer many styles and levels of sharpness. Here is some more information on the sharpening services we offer.

What is with the optional extras?

These two machete mods have been our most popular for a long while now and for good reason. The Epoxy Handle Mod really improves the durability and feel of the tool in use. When you combine the Epoxy Handle Mod with the Rough Cold Bluing, you now have a rig that is very easy on the eyes!

The Epoxy Handle Mod

This mod is going to suit a user who wants a long lasting (and soon to be favourite) companion tool for the bush. The Epoxy Handle Mod is a huge upgrade in function and durability over the already proven factory handle.

First up, we remove the factory handle and clean up the tang. We then reinstall the handle with larger fasteners and slow cure epoxy. This not only helps protect the tang from rust, it also gives a solid one piece feel to the machete during use. We spend a lot of time shaping these handles for comfort. The Black Japan stain gives it an old world look. The Danish Oil helps protect the timber from the elements.

Timber is a natural product and the stain finishes can vary but, we are good at getting them nice and dark. Please let us know if you would like a lighter shade. Here is a link for more information on the Epoxy Handle Mod

The Rough Cold Bluing

This is just a cosmetic treatment we put on the steel. It's not durable or functional but it has been one the most picked upgrades we offer. It just looks the part on a nicely tuned up machete. A machete will quickly form its own blue patina that will take over, we just speed up the break in process by including this mod in this package. Here is a link to more info on Rough Cold Bluing.

Why do we provide so many links in the item descriptions?

We are a custom machete and sheath shop and really believe in tailoring every package to suit each user. We have so many different custom mod and features available. The packages above are just a collection of many different shop items that work well together as a system. We provided a link back to each item as there is a lot more relevant information found on their own pages.

This shop item is for one machete and sheath. Some of the photos show optional extras and mods not included in this order.

As always, feel free to contact us here at North Arm Machete Co. We are always happy to help. You can also message us at our Facebook page.

Small Cosmetic Blemish A.K.A the 'Tramontina Touch Mark'

Sometimes Tramontina starts their sharpening a little heavy for our liking. This leaves a small cosmetic blemish after we sharpen your machete. Thankfully, they are not very big and won't effect the performance of our sharpening or your machete. The small marks will often disappear completely within a few resharpens.

They range from a tiny smudge mark to a patch the size of a squished grain of rice. We will be uploading some photos shortly.

All our current stock of Tram Bolo's are sharpened this way. For the foreseeable future, we are upgrading the level of sharpness on these machetes to make sure they are properly stropped with a very keen craft ready edge!

Additional information

With or Without the upgrades?

Just the basic Farm Hand package deal, The Farm Hand Package deal & the Optional Upgrades

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