Ranger Band Rings (500mm) Large


  • New motorcycle inner tube for a Sheath Skin and large Ranger Bands
  • 500mm will give you a full length skin with enough left over for about 5 large Ranger Bands
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If your new to Ranger Bands, take a quick look at Ranger Band Rings small as well as Machete Sheath Shoulder Carry System.

This size inner tube is what we use as a flexible skin over the whole sheath.

It will protect the paint and gives you some extra storage space when you set these sheaths up as a tool caddy. They look pretty rugged when they are dressed up in a skin! These are just the right size to slip on very easily. We put the wrinkly size to the back.

The other use for the large inner tube is bigger Ranger Band rings. The small ones will only stretch so far! If your stacking bigger pouches to the sheath, some tools or a hank of cord, these are a good size.

As with the smaller inner tubes, you can get these for free. Motorcycle shops also stock this size. You’re after a cheap quality tube as the are thinner material (= less weight and more stretch).

You’re after a 2.75″ to 3.00″ fat tube. There is a huge difference in the sizes between bicycle and motorcycle inner tubes.

When we ship these to you, they sometimes come in 2 pieces with the larger piece being long enough for a full length skin. The offcuts can be used as ranger bands.