Ranger Bands 500mm (small)


Approximately 500mm (50cm) of new inner tube ready to be cut up into Ranger Band rings!

These rings have so many applications. Once you start using them you will never want to be without them again!

Sometimes these may be in 2 pieces that are equal to or greater than 500mm.



There is nothing fancy about what Ranger Bands are, but they are extremely useful. Once you start using them, you will find so many other applications for these little black calamari rings. Tidying up webbing straps on a backpack is one.

These are easily found for free! Manners generally get you everywhere in this world and if you ask nicely, bicycle repair shops will have buckets of these destined for land fill. Inner tubes from fat mountain bikes tyres are what you looking for.

The cheaper quality ones tend to be thinner (more stretch) and a better choice for our sheaths. We keep these rings cut under 35mm.  The size your looking for in our applications is a (standard mountain bike) 26 inch tube, 2.5 inch fat. It will read “26 x 1.95-2.5”

Don’t use this size as a full skin on the sheath. It will put a tremendous amount of crushing force on the PVC. The sheaths are extremely tough,  but you will be surprised at how much force these bands can generate.

If you need a full skin on these sheaths, take a look at our Heat Shrink Skin or the Ranger Bands Large.

We have more info on these found at Machete Sheath Shoulder Carry System and Put a Wrap on It!