14″ Tramontina Bolo Sheaths


Welcome to your Custom Machete Sheath Builder page

We want to build your Tramontina Bolo machete’s Hard-Shell sheath exactly the way you want it. This page is set up to help you find the the sheath rig that suits you and your machete.

Don’t forget, you can still add extra mods and features to these sheaths. MultiFit Mounting Plates, Tough Heatshrink skins and more can be found at the bottom of the page.

Do you want some more information? Scroll down. We have lots more about all the custom options as well as pics and links. You can also contact us here or via Facebook. We are always happy to help.

Have fun customising your new rig!


So you have picked up one of our favourite machetes, the Tramontina Bolo. Now you need a top notch sheath that is custom set up just for you.
We can help with that!


Why are there so many mods and options with your sheaths and machetes?


Machetes really are the multi-tool of the bush. They excel at most bushcraft related tasks. Everything from clearing, cooking, harvesting, fire building, shelter construction and survival tasks, a machete can do it with ease. Given the many different uses, why not customise these rigs to suit how you want to use them? Our response to that was to make our whole sheath and machete modification line-up, modular.

Simply put, there are a lot of ways we can build up a rig from a Hard-Shell sheath. We can add an ABS Hanger, Handle Retention Strap, Belt Loop Dropper, MultiFit Mounting Plate as well as our super tough Shoulder Carry Straps. There is any number of ways we can modify this whole rig to suit exactly how you want to use it. From a simple carry or storage sheath all the way up to mounting platforms for survival gear, backpack mounts and dedicated shoulder carry sheaths. We have a set up just for you.

What key features are built into your Hard-Shell sheath?

All our Hard-Shell sheaths are carefully designed from the ground up to make your tools work with you.

Some of the key features we included are:

A flared mouth

   for easy stowing as well as keeping the machete centred and floating when stowed. If your machete is floating inside the sheath, it's not going to bind or drag when you draw or stow the tool.

A pinch point

   at the tip. This unique feature solves two issues. First, it helps reduce the need for a Handle Retention Strap by providing a gentle grip on the machete when properly stowed. It works with the flared mouth in keeping the steel centred/floating inside the sheath. Once your machete is stowed, it does not rattle around in the sheath.

Why is the Handle Retention Strap optional?

Well actually, we recommend it...even though we don't personally use them. Confused yet? Let me fill you in.

Handle Retention Straps have always been a pet peeve of many tool users. Machetes users are no different. We wanted to design a sheath system that was quick and intuitive when drawing and stowing the tool. It needs to be free to drop the machete in the sheath but hold it when fully stowed. When you draw the tool for use, it should not drag or bind. We wanted something along the lines of how a butcher uses their belt knife block. We wanted a work flow similar to how a carpenter draws and quickly stows a hammer. Handle retention straps would get in the way of that easy Quick-Draw and drop action.

In comes our sheaths clever design features.

The pinch point at the tip of the sheath, the flared mouth and the length of the machete work together to help retain the machete within the sheath. Although this will suit some users and be more than adequate, it's no guarantee of safety.

Some users will really benefit from the extra layer of safety a handle retention strap offers. If you're mounting your sheath to a backpack, using a shoulder carry sheath or are traversing through or over rough terrain, a Handle Retention Strap makes a whole lot of sense. Handle Retention Straps offer another layer of safety, and that can only be a good thing.

Keep in mind, you can snap the strap behind the sheath keeping it out of the way when not in use.

So how do I pick between your Hard-Shell Backpack sheaths and your Quick-Draw Belt Hung sheaths?

Picking this is easy.

If you're a camper, hiker, 4x4 enthusiast, Tradie or you need a machete for your overgrown jungle of a back yard, a Hard-Shell backpack sheath is going to tick all the boxes for you. We use these Backpack sheaths as a base platform for the MultiFit Mounting Plate upgrade as well as our dedicated Shoulder Carry Sheaths.

If you're a serious trekker,

  trail blazer or farmer working on a fence line or on your land, that's where the Quick-Draw Belt Hung Sheaths really shine. These sheaths are designed from the ground up to work with you, not against the work flow. You can quickly draw the machete, cut and then stow the tool just as fast. This frees up your hands while you're busy tackling the task.

Would you like to see a our Quick-Draw Belt Hung Sheath in action? Click here for a cued up Youtube link.

Would you like some more information?

Here is a short article on picking between the Hard-Shell Backpack and Quick- Draw Belt Hung sheaths. You can Also find our dedicated Shoulder Carry Sheaths here. We have shoulder carry rigs to suit the 12” Latin/Scout, 14”Bolo as well as the 18” Latin machetes. These are great on their own but you can also stack important gear to the sheath. This turns the sheath into a carry platform.

Do you like to set up your own gear?

We even made sure you can easily customise these rigs yourself. Take a look at what you can DIY with the MultiFit Mounting Plate mod.

You can easily set these up to suit your belt, your pack or your own shoulder strap. With three paracord tunnels built into this MultiFit Mounting Plate, there is even an option to attach safety lanyards for your most important equipment.
Pretty cool hey!?

Paint options, give me the info!

There is nothing wrong with a bit of paint to add bling. We use an automotive acrylic 1k paint system. The Matt Black is actually a 1k epoxy paint and is about as tough as your going to get when painting PVC. The two premium matt colours are NAMCo's custom Olive Drab and Coyote Tan.

Now, no paint system on PVC is going to be bomb proof. The paint is tough but if used properly, these sheaths will see their fair share of scratches and character marks. Enjoy how they build up over time. It's going to tell a story of every trip you have been on.

The 'No Paint' sheaths are just our hard work ready, no frills options. We pull these from our paint queue before they get any colour. These are just PVC white/grey. We tidy these up but expect some blemishes and marks.

Why use a Hard-Shell sheath with a properly sharpened machete?

Simply put, there are two main reasons:

If a properly sharpened machete can easily cut leather, canvas and rubber, why would you build a robust sheath from the wrong materials? PVC is rigid, cut resistant and perfectly matched to making a tough sheath for your machete. A well designed Hard-Shell sheath will protect a sharp edge during transport. A Hard-Shell sheath will do a much better job of keeping everyone involved out of harms way.

Productivity is the second reason

A well designed Hard-Shell sheath drastically increases your productivity. If you're drawing and stowing your machete while you work, you need it to be quick and intuitive. If you're using one of our Quick-Draw Belt Hung sheaths with your machete, you will soon see how effortlessly you can draw and stow your machete while working. This frees up your hands and keeps your machete with you while you're on the move.


I'm left handed, is that a problem?

Nope! All our sheaths are universally Left and Right handed. They work just as well no matter which way you orientate the edge. We ask when you order as the Handle Retention Strap and Shoulder Carry Sheaths work a little easier when we orientate them L or R to suit. They will still work just fine the other way around though.
The only sheaths that are not universally left and right are the ones made to suit our custom machete handles. Our Handle & A Half machete mods get their own custom sheaths.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions. We are happy to help.
You can contact us here at our website or via our Facebook page.If you want to see some of our products and services, you can find these on Youtube. Here is a link to Machete Bushcraft Australia's channel.

Did you know that these sheaths are all designed and crafted by us, right here in Australia? These are exactly the same machetes and sheaths that we use daily on our farm. When we go bush, the same machetes and sheaths always come with us!

Additional information

Carry options

Backpack, Belt Hung

Colour Options

No paint, Matt Black Epoxy, Coyote Tan, Olive Drab

Handle Retention Strap

Yes Please, No Thanks

MultiFit Mounting Plate 2.0

Please Add, No Thank You

Right or Left handed

I'm a Righty, I'm Left handed

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