Postal Slip.


The safe way to post your professionally sharpened machete without a Belt Sheath or Backpack Sheath!



Well… this would be classed as the ugly duckling of the family but it has one task and that is to keep the postman and machete safe during transit!

Once we have sharpened these machetes (they are extremely sharp!), they are far too dangerous to post is a non ridged sheath.

Please use this option if you do not wish to purchase a Belt Sheath or Backpack Sheath. We cannot ship your professionally sharpener machete to you any other way!

We did test many other packaging methods and they all failed. They were fine for factory sharpened machetes but when we tried them with our sharpening, the machete’s edge always cut through.

They also double up as a safer way to shape the handle when clamped in a vice (a dangerous task to do with a sharp machete). Please see our page on Handle Shaping and Machete Tailoring for more details.

The postal slip is not safe for any other uses. They are a very light gauge PVC and are inappropriate for any other task. If you buy these to use as a daily sheath…you will be a bit disappointed with them.

These light PVC postal slips are only discounted to $5 when combined with sharpening, sheaths and/or machete purchases.

Additional information

Weight .293 kg
Dimensions 29 × 13 × 1 cm