Welcome to the Tramontina 12" Latin Machete Shop

These 12" Latins really are the 'Little Machete That Could'. From a garden harvesting and clean up tool, all the way up to hard core 3 day Scout hikes, these compact machetes really are going to suit a lot of users. Once we tune these up properly, there is not much they cannot tackle.

Are you ready to pick from our extensive mod list so you can customise your own unique rig?

Everything on this page is hand picked to be compatible with Tramontina's 12" Latin 26620-012. Feel free to mix and match all the different mods and features. We have a lot to choose from so you can really personalise your new rig.

Did you know you can contact us for a chat if you have any questions?  We are very good at working out what upgrades suit each user and can tailor a order just for you.

Pick Up Your New 12" Scout Machete - $15 to $20

Here is where you get to order the 'Little Machete That Could', the Tramontina 12” Latin. Once sharpened up properly, These really are a capable tool. They can process our tough Aussie Hardwood as well as being nimble enough to carve & craft with like a pro. Click here to pick up a Tramontina 12" Latin.

Get It Sharpened - $5 to $35

We are the best when it comes to hand sharpening machetes to suit our harsh Aussie conditions. We know what it takes to carefully grind in a bevel on a machete and then sharpen it up to a wickedly keen edge. This is a highly recommended option. The Gaucho Plus is our suggestion for a universal sharpening that will outperform any edge you can buy off the shelf. Add in the $5 CardScraper edge on the spine if you're a camper. Click here for all our sharpening options.

Put It In A Hard-Shell Sheath - $30 to $70

Do you want the best sheath system for your new machete? We've got you covered. These are our very own, custom made sheath systems that are leagues ahead of everything else on the market. Click here for our Custom Sheath Builder so you can find the exact Hard-Shell Backpack sheath or Quick Draw Belt Hung sheath that suits how you want to use it.
If you're after one of our heavy duty Shoulder Carry Sheaths, they get their own dedicated page.  You can find them here or click the pictures on the right.

The S5 ~ Handle Shape & Seal - $35 to $40

Although we like the factory Tramontina machete handles, they are unfinished and oversized. There is a solution for that and it's this mod right here. We Shape, Stain and seal these Tramontina machete handles to make them look and feel the part. The photo on the left are all factory Tramontina machetes that received our S5 handle therapy. Not only will you have a handle shaped to fit your hand, it's going to look darn handsome in the process.  This is one of our newest handle mods and it's in direct competition with our long standing favourate, the Epoxy Handle Mod. The S5 being more affordable, it won't be long until it's the most popular handle mod on the block. Here is a shop link to the S5 Shape & Seal


What Is An Epoxy Handle Mod? - $45 to $60

Just one of our favourite mods that we do to all of our personal machetes. This is where you get to pick all your premium handle mod options. We remove the handle and reinstall it with larger fasteners as well as embedding the tang in with slow cure Epoxy. We can shape your handle for comfort, add in some stain for style and seal it for durability. What about a Texture Grip on your handle? Click here for our Epoxy Handle Mod options.

The MultiFit Mounting Plate Sheath Mod - $15 to $20

This is a very clever little 3 in 1 upgrade to your Backpack or Belt Hung Sheath. If you're into customising your own gear, this little mounting plate gives you so many pack mounting and carry options. There is even an option for a gear safety lanyard for the folks wanting to stack important gear to the sheath. Here is a shop link to the MFMP.

Add A Rough Cold Bluing for a Bit of Old School Style - $30

If you're looking for something that rounds off the whole package, it's the Rough Bluing that we can put on your machete. It's purely cosmetic, but it looks the part on an old school tool.

Put A HeatShrink Skin On It - $8 to $12

Machetes and their Sheaths are used in harsh environments. If you want to add in another layer of protection for your sheath, these HeatShrink Skins are your answer. It's a darn tough skin that protects the paint as well as adds in a bit of corner protection.

Ranger Bands Large - $10

Do you want to stack gear to your sheath? Motorcycle innertube A.K.A Ranger Bands are the answer. You can use the Large Ranger Bands as a rubbery skin on your sheath or cut them up into black calamari rings to strap important equipment to your rig.  NB! The Large Ranger Bands suit our Bolo and 18" Latin sheaths when used as a Skin. You can still use these Large Ranger Bands to stack bigger gear to your 12" Latin sheaths.

Ranger Bands Small - $8

There are so many creative and useful ways you can use Mountain Bike innertube. They are worth researching. These are big enough to use as a rubbery skin on our smaller 12” Latin Hard-Shell Sheaths. Click here for our Ranger Bands Small shop item.

Make sure you take a look at our Specials Page as well as our Extras page. We have the only professional grade Slim Paracord Fids on the internet. Ferro rod fire steels, Hobo fishing reels and sharpening equipment can also be found on our extras page.

As always, please feel free to contact us for a chat. You can find us on Facebook as well as on our Contact Us page. We are happy to help with any questions you may have.