Ultra Lite Backpack Package -SHEATH + MACHETE + SHARPENING (Black)


Whats included in this package?

  • Tramontina 14″ Bolo                                              $23
  • El Premio Plus sharpening service.                         $25

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NB! Rough Blued finish on blade is not included in this package.

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This light little package packs an extremely sharp El Premio Plus edge! This setup is perfect for the hiker who is stowing there machete within a backpack. Our sheaths are tough and will protect your gear as well as protecting the machete.

This is as light as we can get these except for the paint which adds a few grams. Most people are surprised at how light these machete & sheath packages feel in the hand. When you hiking or working with these machetes all day, every gram can make the difference. The robust sheath is just 240gms!

The built in retention system retains the machete very well. As an ultra light model, this package does not include an added handle retention strap. If you wish to strap you sheath to the outside of your pack, or you want to set these up as a shoulder carry system, please review our other sheaths that include a handle retentions strap.

Whats included in this package?

  • Backpack sheath painted in Matt Black
  • Tramontina 14″ Bolo – Simply the best machete choice for Australia
  • Our top of the line, El Premio Plus sharpening service. This is the best edge you can ever get on a machete!

You can add to this package via our Extras Page. If you’re buying this as a gift, the three extras that will add to the wow factor are Remove The Blade Coating, Shape the Hardwood Handle and a Heat Shrink Skin.

NB! Rough Blued finish on blade is not included in this package.